African American Art from Saint Louis
winter–spring 2020
I conceptualized and developed the visual identity for Abstractions of Black Citizenship: African American Art from Saint Louis, a group exhibition with works from five Saint Louis, MO–based artists. As the sole graphic designer for this project, it was my responsibility to collaborate with the gallery manager and curator for the show and to translate their ideas into a comprehensive visual identity.The goal was to realize an identity for the show that tied together the work of individual artists with a subtle voice. Key to this project was creating a unique visual presence that didn't impose on the artists' works but which resonated with the show’s central themes and topics and established a unifying visual presence. This show was originally intended to have a physical opening at the Hedreen Gallery in March of 2020, but was re-imagined as a digital exhibition due to stay-at-home orders. 

The online exhibition can be visited at

Many other individuals were on the production team for this project, so I created a style guide ensure uniform application of typography, color, text/image relationship, etc.

Exhibition letterhead for press release. 

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