product design concept
winter 2020
This product design was created as the final project for a Seattle University typography course in 2018. The prompt was to create a calendar. Unlike a traditional calendar, instead of designing individual compositions for each month I conceived of a calendar that could be endlessly readapted over time. The user is urged to create their own unique monthly compositions from the included magnetic letterforms. The intention of the final piece is to connect users with typography in a physical way, and to suggest the potential of typography to be an expressive medium for a non-design audience.
After exploring print and web mediums in design, I was interested in trying new materials and methods. I collaborated with members of the engineering department in their fabrication lab at SU to laser-cut hundreds of numbers and letters from magnetic sheeting. We then translated my design concept into individual pieces for the box that were cut from acrylic sheeting and assembled into the final product.
I revisited this project in 2020 and fabricated two more versions in black and clear acrylic for the Fire Hazard Design Exhibition.
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