publication design
fall 2018
I had the opportunity to work on a number of print publications to accompany Hedreen Gallery art exhibitions. Over the last two years, I worked in collaboration with Galleries Curator, Molly Mac, and numerous visiting artists and curators to conceptualize, plan, and produce unique short-run print materials to promote and commemorate exhibitions. This publication was one of my favorites; released to accompany Gravity Jokes in 2018. I had the freedom to explore a non-traditional layout  with the goal of capturing the humorous,  experimental, and interdisciplinary personality of the show. The design plays on a visual suggestion of gravity—from the moment you unclip it, the accordion form unfolds and falls. Images of the work cascade down the long format of the print and recreate the feeling of the show. The exhibition included new installation, sculpture, storytelling, drawing, poetry, stand-up and animation from Seattle-based artists.
Photograph of Dev holding Gravity Jokes Publication.
Photograph of Gravity Jokes Publication pinned on wooden fence
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