Selected motion graphics and animation projects
fall 2018–spring 2020
Below is a collection of motion graphic projects that I've made over the last two years. This diverse collection features work for various applications from promotional materials for clients to personal experimental studies. While I have created some illustration and image based graphics, I'm mostly interested in the intersection between motion and typography as evident by many of the examples here. 

This collection of typographic animations is part of an experimental project in which I explored Richard Serra's Verblist. The project is intended as a study of type and motion, but also deals with the artistic process of creation—central to Serra's peice. 

This promotional animation was created for the Abstractions of Black Citizenship exhibition. More information about this project can be found here.

This promotional animation was created for Curve Con, and interdisciplinary academic conference hosted by the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies department at Seattle University. More information about this project can be found here.

These last three graphics were created for WALLSPACE, Seattle University's student-run art gallery. During my time at SU I was highly involved in student-run art community and acted as the gallery director for two years. These graphics were displayed on a gallery monitor and used for promotion of events on social media . As gallery director, one of my responsibilities was to create and maintain a unifying visual identity for the space. I opted for bold punchy graphics that reference the edgy DIY attitude of the collective. 

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