print & web design (selected projects)

I worked as a student print and web designer for the Women, Gender, and Sexualities Studies Department for three years. During my time there, I was responsible for developing the department's previously nonexistent visual identity (and later re-designing that identity when the department's name changed in 2019). 
I was also responsible for creating print and web collateral for the department for various applications. Below is a collection of some of my favorite work that I created for the department. 
W&GS Logo design referencing historic grassroots design campaign, Act Up
W&GS Logo design referencing historic grassroots design campaign, Act Up
The department logo needed to be clean and professional, with variations available for multiple applications. I included a specific design reference to ACT UP's Silence = Death project to suggest the department's diverse pedagogy and connection to activist social movements.

I created logo/branding materials for the launch of the Women & Gender Studies Department's LGBTQ Minor in 2019. At the start of the project, I reflected on what identifying as queer meant to me. Colorful shapes come together and break apart to form a new typeface—one that references the intersectional background of all queer folx, and which is undoubtedly as queer as I am. 

The above designs were created for Curve Con, and interdisciplinary academic conference hosted by the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department. The conference, which was planned for spring of 2020, was moved to a digital setting to accommodate for stay-at-home orders. 

I made several posters for events hosted and sponsored by the department. This was an opportunity to explore a variety of styles and design strategies. 
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